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Welcome to the Hippo Carpet Cleaning Miami Beach blog! With years of expertise treating the local area, our team is proud to offer top-notch upholstery, rug, and carpet cleaning services. Not only do we specialize in mold testing & remediation as well as water damage restoration - but also make sure your household or business environment stays healthy by using advanced methods for eliminating all allergens. For all these years we've gathered a lot of knowledge and we want to share tips and tricks with our customers. Let us help you maintain a safe and clean home!

Whether you're looking for carpet, rug or upholstery cleaning, or need to remove existing mold or prevent it from returning, keep reading our blog for helpful tips.


Facts About Basement Mold, How to Prevent and Remediate It

Mold growth can be a serious problem in basements, as moisture and warm temperatures can create the perfect environment for mold to thrive. Luckily, knowing the basement mold facts and the steps you can take to prevent and eliminate basement mold growth will make you the winner of this battle.

Why Indoor Mold Is a Serious Problem for Any Home

Unchecked mold growth can quickly lead to expensive structural damage and cause serious health concerns for those exposed. At the very least, it's an unpleasant nuisance but with proper knowledge it's possible to minimize damage. So let's dive into what mold means in terms of wallets and wellbeing! Don't wait until you've been affected; get prepared today!

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